won't it be odd when we're happy (neverattained) wrote in minkarma,
won't it be odd when we're happy

that whole day, the sequel

okies, so here's the dealio on Oct. 2

basically the only concrete info is that Dana and I (and I'm assuming Alyssa and Natalie) are going, Dana has access to a car that can hold up to 5 people, maybe 6.

so post here on times to get there, times to leave, and if Momo's is a go, and we'll make some more solid plans from there!
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Hey, I'm 90% sure I'm going <3 I dunno about Momo though, cuz I have to save $60+ for my Jibrille wig and extensions for Sugoicon (plus registration for Sugoi, but I've decided to ignore that for now >_>;;;;;). So unless you guys feel like paying for it all....

Times....um, whatever's good for all you ^^;; Maybe about the same thing....meet at 11 or so at the front (at the Garland place?)

And!!! Are we still having movie night either this weekend or after the RennFest on Oct.2?
after the RennFest is good, I don't think this weekend's gonna pan out.

we also need to plan another movie night eventually, for Megan and Lu if she wants to go, so they can decide on that one
Mmmkay~~!!! I'll plan on that then <3

Yes, any excuse for more get-togethers ^___^