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The Min.Karma Cosplay Corps

Minimum Karma, Maximum Skill

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Well, Meg-chan wanted a Min.Karma LJ and said she hadn't bothered to make it, so I went and made a community. If nobody wants it, it'll go away. Anyway, this is our cosplay group's LJ, where we post about... things... I'm not really sure. Probably cons, costume updates, and the like.

Generalized information!! Our current members are Reilly, Naraku, Aikoe, Z-san, Chibiusa-chama, Natalie-chama, Obscurity-chama. Rei, Nara, and Koe are the only originals left, which means they're awesome. Z-san is the only boy, which means he's awesome. Lyssie, Natalie, and Megilly are the newest members, so new they have yet to cosplay under Min.Karma, and are also our resident jailbait, which means they're awesome. The main point is that all of our members are awesome.

Min.Karma started back when the original acronym members first got into cosplay, which means they all sucked a lot. Now our standards have gone up a bit. To be a member, one or more of us has to A) Know you, whether personally or pretty well online, and B) Like your costumes. For the most part the party who wants to add you at least consults one to three other members, i.e. the original ones, for confirmation. So far the only parties who have been responsible for recruiting new members are Reilly (Z-san, Natalie, Obscurity) and Koe (Chibiusa). We could really use some guys, but... well, guys generally suck at cosplay.

We mustn't forget Aki-chan, who is a former member and is now the awesome webmistress for our site!! Everyone blow her kisses!!

For the most part we (i.e. everyone but Jeremy) attend Ohayocon religiously. Almost all of our members are, in fact, new staffers. Go them!! Ohayocon is amazing, we suggest everyone check out their website, http://www.ohayocon.com, and go there, 'cuz it's much fun.